Plugins You Can Choose From

There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available for you to choose from. Some free from the WordPress Respository, others are plugins that have been sold on the commercial market.

However, a word of warning, not all plugins are bug free, some have encrypted code within them and without realising it, your site could be promoting other sites that you really wouldn’t want to be associated with. Worse still, if the plugin relies on a “call back” to the developers site, and their site is no longer available, you could very easily end up with a broken site that no longer functions how you would like it to.

All the plugins we have available have been checked and currently work with the latest version of WordPress. All WordPress installations  provided by us include the following plugins at no extra charge.

  • WP Legal Pages Plugin
  • MOW Pop Popup Plugin
  • No Right Click Plugin
  • Shortcode Magic
  • CB Cashlinks

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