Themes You Can Choose From

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available for you to choose from.

However, a word of warning, not all themes are bug free, some have encrypted code within them and without realising it, your site could be promoting other sites that you really wouldn’t want to be associated with.

All the themes we have available have been checked with TAC to ensure that there are no hidden surprises.

Ink Themes –  We have three themes to choose from these are – Dzonia Theme, Squirel Theme, and Slice Theme. Alpha Service Theme  – The Theme was used on this website – we have made minor adjustments to the theme, to enhance it. We can install this theme and set up your site – there is no need to purchase it, it is included in your package.

Woo Themes – We have access to some of the Woo theme Range – again we can install these for free and include one of them in your package.

Specialist themes – We currently have WordPress themes available that can be adapted for any specialist market, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors etc. Skilled tradesmen themes, you name it we probably have it. Remember if we have a theme we have developers rights to, you don’t need to buy it, therefore saving you money. If we have the theme in our portfolio, then we will include the theme free in your purchased package.

Themes available with our developers licence:

Painless Presence, Eazy theme, WordPress business bundle, ImBolt Super Themes, WP Boss Power Sales theme, to name a few. We are currently looking for a showcase plugin to demonstrate all the themes we have.
All you need to do for now is to tell us which sites you like the look of and we will match your design as close as possible.

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